Proximity Touch Button
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Proximity Touch Button is a revolutionary software that allows you to make better use of the proximity sensor of the phone.
In fact, the sensor will turn into a virtual key which can perform several actions based on the user’s choice:

– Open an application installed on your phone

– Disable and enable the display for energy saving

– Set to display a blinking

– Open a web address with the phone’s default browser

– Take a picture quietly without noise clicks and flash

In addition you will have the opportunity to decide if use it or not when the keypad is locked.

Proximity Touch Button don’t work during a call for don’t get conflict with the original function of the phone.

Compatible Models:

– Nokia 5800 XM
– Nokia 5530 XM
– Nokia 5228
– Nokia 5230
– Nokia 5235
– Nokia 5250
– Nokia C6-00
– Nokia X6 8GB
– Nokia X6 32GB
– Nokia c5-03

You can buy Proximity Touch Button for only $ 2 :



Dowload Proximity Touch Button + Environment here


  • Installa all files on the archive.
  • For properly function you current profile must have the vibration on and not be connected to the charger.

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